Titane (a.k.a “Platinum”) (Thoughts)

First making its world premiere earlier this year at the Cannes Film Festival and winning the prestigious Palme d’Or, French filmmaker Julia Ducournau returns with another body horror feature showcasing a young woman named Alexia who had suffered a car accident when she was a child resulting in having titanium plate embedded on her head. She eventually has a career as a showgirl with an infatuation for metal items such as piercings and cars resulting in a manner of objectophilia (even establishing a sexual encounter with a car!) and is often hid on by men and women alike that often result in fatal encounters. Realizing she’s been made by the authorities, she changes her identity by modifying her looks through cutting her hair, covering her breasts and breaking her nose in a gruesome manner taking on the identity of a missing young man by the name of Adrien who happens to be the son of a firefighter. “Titane” is a film that should best be experienced going in fully blind as it will leave you cringing at times even if the plot feels absurd. Yet in the tradition of other similar body horror features from the likes of David Cronenberg along with some of the over-the-top ludicrously works of Takashi Miike, Ducournau creates an intriguing character piece showcasing gender role reversals and the horrific painful manner of giving birth that all-in-all will not have you discussing the film but shuddering as well long after the credits are over ultimately resulting in a unique horror feature. Overall, I highly recommend giving “Titane” a look especially for horror enthusiasts!

Rating: A-

Published by Ed Kim

Korean-American cinema lover from New York City offering my own thoughts and perspectives.

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